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Mel Holder

Mel Holder has a signature sound and travels the world spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. From his home in Brooklyn, New York; to the ancient Asian city of Okinawa, Japan; through the Muslim nation of Azerbaijan; to the remote communities of postapartheid, South Africa; to the socialist country of Cuba and throughout the Caribbean and Europe this anointed Psalmist, Author and Speaker delivers his message of hope and healing to the nations.

Early Years:
Mel was born in Brooklyn New York and is of Panamanian decent. By the age of six Mel was severely hindered from fully participating in many youthful activities due to asthma. Although asthma made breathing and playing difficult, at the age of nine Mel picked up his sister’s clarinet and began to make music. Mel’s family immediately knew that this was divine intervention since such an act was deemed impossible based on his physical condition. This was the beginning of Mel’s musical journey. Mel joined an elite group of alumni such as Barbara Streisand, Shaggy, James D-Train Williams and Pastor James Cymbala as a student of Erasmus Hall Institute of Performing Arts in Brooklyn New York. As Mel continued to excel among his peers, the local community began to take notice. On numerous occasions he received write-ups in the local newspapers as to his exceptional musicianship. He began to receive great financial success while attending Miami Dade College by day, and performing as a Saxophonist on Miami Beach at night. It was during this season that he was forced to leave everything behind and return home to Brooklyn where the climate was more conducive to his health condition. Mel’s trip back home placed him at his appointed hour with destiny to receive Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. This defining moment happened under the leadership of the late Nellie Leakey in Brooklyn. Pastor Leakey and her son, Ronnie Leakey Jr., became Mel’s pastor and mentor in the gospel. While attending a youth retreat in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Mel connected with Minister B. Courtney McBath, a young and exuberant preacher of the gospel. Minister McBath not only baptized Mel, but he became Mel’s lifelong mentor. Mel enrolled at United Christian College where he studied evangelism. He would later be introduced to the ministry of then Christian Life Center (currently known as Christian Cultural Center). Now under the teaching and ministry of Dr. A.R. Bernard, Mel learned spiritual principles which elevated him into music ministry. His first CD was released in 1997 and his first book “The Pursuit of Your Creative Call” in 2011. Mel has maintained a very aggressive ministry schedule which allows him to minister to a diverse group of people both nationally and internationally. Although Mel is experiencing success as a Saxophonist, Producer and Speaker he will never forget the healing that he has received from God. Every time Mel holds a note long past what should be humanly possible, it is a testament to the healing power of our Lord and Savior. Today, Mel continues to present the message of New Life in Christ though his music, message and positive ministry.

Current Release:
2015 PMG/MEGAWAVE: ‘Back to Basics Music Book Vol. II’ featuring the smooth sounds of vocalist Gerald Alston of the Manhattans.

Previous Releases:
2008 PMG/MEGAWAVE: ‘Mel Holder Music Book Vol. I’ featuring the freshly rejuvenated remake of the inspirational dance classic, ‘Make It Happen’ by Mariah Carey is a foot stomping, tune-humming, spiritlifting instrumental interpretation.
2000 Diamante: Christmas project, ‘A Gift So Special’ featuring uplifting renditions of Little Drummer Boy and Silent Night.
1999 Diamante: 'Now & Forever: The Continuation' this jazz/gospel project made its presence known on Billboard’s Top Contemporary Christian Chart.
1997 EMI South Africa: ‘Now & Forever.’ Awards & Nominations
2009: Nominated for a DOVE Award
2009: Nominated for a Grammy Award
1999: Received an NAACP Achievement Award
1997: Nominated for a Grammy Award with Sister Carrol’s LP "Lyrically Potent.“

Sanchez Harley, Loris Holland, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Vickie Winans, Timothy Wright, Nancey Jackson, Trinitee 5:7, Angelo and Veronica, and Kurt Carr.

Robert Lowe and New Generations; Larry and Marissa Felder; Billy & Sarah Gaines; Sharon Dean and Barbara Clark.

Television Appearances
The Dino Show (International) Mel Holder appeared weekly on The Dino Show’s House Band. The Dino Show is taped in New York City at the TBN Studios in the Village. The Dino Show boasts a national and international viewership.
The Candi Stanton Show (National) Trinity Broadcasting Network (National) Breakfast Club: BEN Network (London)
SABC: (South Africa Broadcasting Company)
TFN: Total Faith Network